How to Tighten Loose Skin on Eyelids Naturally

Loose skin can result quite unesthetic, especially on your face. Your eyelids can suffer too from the lack of elasticity. The market offers you various solutions to look better (Botox injections or surgery), however most of them are very expensive and sometimes their effect is temporary. In spite of these, you can get rid of loose eyelids by other means

One of the main cause of dropping eyelids is fatigue, stress or dehydration. In this case we recommend you to consume as much liquids as possible, either water, natural juices or herbal teas. To avoid dehydration, you should also avoid consuming foods rich in salt, caffeine or alcohol, as they damage your system a lot.


In order to have firm eyelids you can also perform some exercises.

For instance, you can put your finger under the eyebrow and perform up and down movements, holding it 10 seconds. Repeat the exercises 3-4 times every day.

Also, you can place your finger on your temples and stretch your skin towards your ears. During the process, open and close your eyes repeatedly.

Natural remedies

Apply a cold spoon on your eyelids for several seconds and you will have a refreshing sensation, which will relax your muscles. Alternatively you can apply cool slices of cucumber or raw potatoes.

At the same time you can apply a cream that contains ginseng, Aloe Vera, caffeine, distaff or ivy. These components stimulate the blood circulation. Other creams appropriate for this problem are the ones rich in vitamins A, C or E as they increase the collagen production and prevent the skin damage.

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