10 Passive Income Ideas To Start Making $1,000 Monthly

10 Passive Income Ideas To Start Making $1,000 Monthly

In this post, you’re going to see powerful passive income ideas that can bring you extra $1,000 monthly.

Passive income is something that brings you the freedom and adds extra money to your wallet.

Let’s discuss some of these here…

TIK TOK has gained so much popularity in the last 1-2 years. It’s a platform that allows you to make short videos with a little to no effort.

You can shoot funny or creative videos and post on it.

However, it doesn’t bring you passive income initially. But if you work regularly, then you can make passive income for the long run definitely.

The concept of making passive income is different than what you think.

Actually, TIK TOK doesn’t pay you money but it brings you popularity. Once you become a popular creator on it, you can make easy money.


Suppose, you become the popular creator and have 1M followers on it. It’s a huge…right.

And the cool thing is that it doesn’t take years to gain 1M followers if you are creating engaging videos.

Once you have this much audience, you’re ready to earn passive income.

And also send followers to follow you on other social media platforms. It will not only help you earn money but also grow your social media popularity.

NOTE: But remember that, you can’t make passive income directly from TIK TOK, instead you can earn from sponsorship and affiliate marketing easily.

Again, if you love to shoot videos, you can monetize them using Facebook audience network.

It’s a good alternative to make money online.

You can consider it as a passive income source and can earn more than $1000 every month easily.

Ad breaks help you earn money by including short ads to your eligible videos.

Check eligibility: –

You should be 18 years old.
You’re required to have a page with at least 10,000 followers.
Your content must be fall under partner monetization policies.
You must reside in in-stream ads eligible country
A video that has generated 30,000 views (1-minute view) in the last 60 days.
If your video is eligible, you’ll earn a good passive income.


Many of you don’t know the power of event blogging.

In my opinion, it’s one of the most popular passive income ideas that can make you thousands of dollars monthly.

As the name suggests, in event blogging you create a blog that covers a particular event/festival. Pretty much every blogger knows about it.

But if you don’t know then there are a few tips to start from.


If you want to start a free event blog then BLOGSPOT/BLOGGER.COM could be a great place to go.
Next, buy a custom domain for better results. (It will only cost you $15 / year).
Find low competition keywords using free keyword tools like Ubersuggest.com.
Publish at least 5-10 high-quality blog post.
Generate backlinks
Put AdSense code (How to add AdSense ads to your BlogSpot blog)
Drive traffic to your blog by sharing it to all popular social media platforms.
That’s it.

How often do you think about starting own business?

Hundreds of times…right?

As you’re creative enough, you like to come up with the new money-making ideas.

And DROPSHIPPING is could be one of your options.

It’s an easy side of your business, where you don’t have to care about inventory. All you need is a virtual online store that can drive people in.

Once people are in, the supplier will do the rest.

But wait…

Here you’re the middle man between suppliers and customers. And here customers make deals with you, not the supplier.

In a simple way, you can set a new price that includes your profit margin.

For example, you’re running a DROPSHIPPING store. The customer comes to your online store and chooses a product of $100. It’s the MRP of the product.

But the wholesale retail price of this product is only $75.

Customer pays you $100 but you pay supplier at wholesale price which is $75.

So your profit is $100 – $75 = $25.

This is how you make a profit.

You can also compare it with a broker who brings the customer to you and you pay commission to him.

It’s a much better way to earn passive income without even caring about anything.

It’s one of the easiest ways to make money online with little to no investment.

Here I have a trick; depending on you how you look at it.

Use TIK TOK and become famous.
Be creative.
Open an online store.
Design logos and print on t-shirts.
If you follow this trick you’ll end up with a successful T-SHIRT business.

And I’m pretty much confident that if you become popular, people will love to buy your brand’s t-shirt.

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Most of us love to have more passive ideas to earn good money.

And here you have QUORA and MEDIUM.

QUORA pays you for questions. More valuable questions you ask, the more money you will make.

On the other hand, MEDIUM pays you for valuable content. More extraordinary content you publish on medium, more people will love to join your paid membership to read your stories.

By the way, I’m including a link to my article where you will learn more about how to earn money from QUORA & MEDIUM.

This one takes more time but it will pay you the real passive income.

And why do I consider it such a good idea to make money?

The answer is simple…

Good ideas are just part of what it takes to produce good things that make you more money.

So you need to think in a different box and produce what entertain / amazed people.

Steps to earn money from app development…

First, register to an app store. (Android play store or Apple app store). It may cost you around $100/year
Next, you need to think about a project that you can work upon.

Build your application. (user-friendly, smooth and responsive)
Add in-app purchase features to earn money. And also put AdMob ads for extra money.
Earn positive ratings
Once you get enough downloads, the money will start flowing into your AdMob account.

Good luck…

Do you like writing?

If you do, then don’t limit it to you, let’s explore it outside and create e-books.

E-books are the soft and short version of books. These are the digital resources that help others to learn more about a particular topic.

For example, if you know the secrets of ‘Facebook Advertising’ then you can publish your e-book that includes these secrets.

Affiliate marketing is always the most exciting subject to talk about, but it’s not that easy.

So, it’s vital to learn affiliate marketing before you infuse it.

Once the foundation is in place, you’re well-positioned to start your affiliate marketing business.

And believe me, it’s a lucrative way to make huge passive income.

John Chow is a well-known personality in affiliate marketing. He earns more than $40,000 monthly with just affiliate marketing alone.


A few steps to start making money from affiliate marketing…

Choose a profitable niche. (Make sure you measure the competition before picking any niche.)
Become an expert in your niche. (Learn more and execute fast.)
Once you master it, you are ready to target your audience.
Next, Join affiliate networks that offer product and services and bring you an affiliate commission.
Drive traffic to your affiliate business.
Build a relationship with readers.
Lastly, ask them to buy a product from your affiliate link.
The whole concept of affiliate marketing is building trust & loyalty with readers.

Once the reader, listener or viewer begins to believe in you, they will love to buy on your recommendation.

Do you want to make money online at home? Then VA could be a smart option for you.

VA is another passive income idea to make money remotely.

A Virtual Assistant is a person who offers services to their clients. ACTUALLY, you are selling your expertise virtually.

For example, you know ‘How to use LinkedIn to generate Leads’.

You get a client, make your deal and ask him to buy your service.

If he/she agrees with your deal, then you serve your service and earn money.

Mark this point:

“If you contact someone because you want a deal from them, you’ll be preoccupied with getting that person to agree to your proposal. “

Once you start getting clients for your business, you can make full-time income easily.

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