10 AWESOME & EASY Scrap Wood Projects

1. DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve

Perfect to hold drinks, snacks & anything that needs a strong surface.

2. Scrap Wood Shelf

Grab all of your scrap pieces of wood and turn them into a beautiful shelf!

3. DIY Scrap Wood Coasters

These wooden coasters are fun to create and make the perfect DIY gift for friends and family.

4. Silverware Holder

Nowhere to store your silverware? Build a wall mounted silverware holder.

5. DIY Produce Storage Bin

Need extra space to store your fruit/veggies? Make this easy DIY storage bin to keep your produce organized and easily accessible.

6. Scrap Wood Lanterns

Update your outdoor decor with these beautiful scrap wood lanterns.

7. Wooden Box Centerpiece

Make a simple wooden box centerpiece that you can use to adorn your table for all your special events.

8. Scrap Wood Wreath

Add style to your home by building this easy rustic scrap wood wreath.

9. Hexagon Planters

These DIY hexagon planters are a great way to spruce up your space.

10. Scrap Wood Wall Art

Use your scrap wood to make this scrap wood wall art. Easy to build in a weekend and can be made to any size.

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