How To Make A Cold Go Away In 24 Hours

Rest Rest Rest
When you have a cold, you need to rest! Working your body over time will only make your condition worse. Take a sick day and let your body recuperate by healing itself.

Stay Hydrated
One of the best ways to ward off colds quickly is by keeping your body hydrated. Drinking fluids that are loaded with vitamin c like orange juice and apple juice will strengthen your immune system.

Another reason for drinking up to 6 glasses of water during the day when you are down with the flu is the fact that water helps remove toxins from the body. Water also helps lower your body fever through perspiration.

Consume 6 glasses of water and 3 glasses of orange juice daily to make your cold disappear!

Natural Vitamins
When our bodies are low on vitamins, we tend to get sick because our immune system becomes weak. Try adding a bowl of chicken soup to your lunch to strengthen your immune system, lower your infection and flush out the toxins from your body.

You can also eat some bananas for a boost of potassium which is a natural immunity booster.

Light Nap
Try getting at least an hour of rest when you have the flu each day. Don’t overdo it though because you will only feel worse if you sleep for more than an hour during the day. Taking a nap will help your body recover faster and make you feel revived.

Shake Up
To speed up the recovery process, you need to add at least 15 minutes of exercise to help your body sweat a little and remove toxins from your body. Walking will help your body function correctly and recover faster.

Try eating foods that are rich in zinc to help reduce your symptoms quickly. Zinc-rich foods include:

Pumpkin Seeds
Wheat germ
Sipping on ginger, chamomile, and mint tea will help alleviate your cold very fast and make you feel better. Always remember to use fresh ginger root and mint when possible, also add some organic honey to your tea for taste.

There you have it! That is how to make a cold go away in 24 hours without the need of medication! Please don’t forget to let us know if these remedies worked for you!

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