5 Picture Perfect Photo Spots İn Porto Spots İn Porto ,Portugal

1. Ribeira 

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Porto ,the waterfront quarter is lined with restaurants,cafes bars and multi-coloured buildings.Wander throuhg the narrow cobblestone pathways to get a feel  for Porto ,or hop on a Douro river cruise to see the city from a different perspective

2. Luis I Bridge

The double-decker bridge spans the river Douro and connects the Riberia neighborhood to Vila Nova De Gaia.You can cross the river on either the top or bottom levels of the bridge and get a view of the opposing banks of the city-the best tine to visit is during blue hour!

3.Gaia Cable Car

The Teleferico de Gaia is on the Gaia side of Porto and overlooks all the Port cellars as well as the Douro river .Though the ride itself is short,it's a quick way to get to the river bank and offers pretty incredible views of Porto.Tickets cost 6 Euros each way or 9 Euros dor a return ticket.

4. Chapel of Souls 

The Capele Almas is a small church located near Mercado do Bolhao and is famous for its exteriot of blue and white azulejo tiles depicting scenes from the lives of saints.

It's exactluy the type of facade that comes to min when you think of Portuhuese tilework -visit the Chapel of Souls at night when it is lit up for a slightly different ambience

5. Torre Dos Clerigos

The bell tower attached the clerigos Church is one of the best viewpoints in Porto.The tower was built in the late 18th century and stands more than 75 metres high.

Add this tower to your Porto itinerary,pronto! You have to climb a little over 200 steps to reach the top,but the panoramic views across Porto cityt arte stunnig.After climbing the tower you can also make your way around the churcj and museum - the combined ticket will cost you just 5 Euros. 

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