Make A Serum Of Just Two Ingredients And Watch How Eyelashes Grow Like Crazy!

While some rare lucky ones are born with long and thick eyelashes, most women are struggling with rare and short lashes requiring a pounds of mascara and artificial eyelashes to look beautiful and sexy.

It is now over, because we have discovered a new serum that can be made at home with only two ingredients. This serum promises longer and thicker lashes in just a few weeks, and many bloggers are keen on its effectiveness. Given his price and the complexity of being done, you don’t have excuses not to try it.

All you need is castor oil that you can buy in every pharmacy and peel of one lemon. For homemade serum for growth of eyelashes you will need:

1. About 20ml of castor oil – available in every apothecary,
2. One lemon peel,
3. A sterile container with a lid to keep the eyelashes growth serum.

1 Step : Take a fresh lemon and peel off the cover, so that the chopped can stand in a coffee spoon,
2 Step : Grate or chop the lemon into small pieces,
3 Step : Leave the pieces of lemon peel to dry in the air, a couple of hours

4 Step : Put the dried lemon peel into a sterile bowl with a lid in which you have 20 ml of castor oil,
5 Step : Let stand for a minimum of 72 hours and a maximum of 5 days.
6 Step : Remove the lemon peel from the solution and start using it!

In the evening, after thoroughly removing makeup, apply a serum for growing eyelashes. Do not apply swabs on the entire eyelid! I do not want to get up in the morning with puffy eyelids, which often happens when you load a large amount of moisture during the night. Instead, apply serum for growth of eyelashes with ear cotton swabs directly to the root of the eyelashes. the results will be visible after two weeks.

Do not go overboard with the amount. No need. You can also use a thoroughly cleansed, old mascara brush. It must be completely cleansed from the mascara remnants and after each use of the eyelid growth serum, wash it to avoid contamination of the serum with bacteria from the face.

If you have any kind of eye infection or an allergic reaction to any of the components, do not try this treatment!

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