This Vaseline Trick Can Help You Remove Unwanted Hair

Due to its greasy texture and slow absorption, the use of Vaseline for hair may not seem like a good idea. However, this jelly is already known for its many uses both in the field of beauty and practical things of the house, so you should not eliminate it from your options of home remedies to have a prettier mane.

Benefits and uses of Vaseline for hair
Reduces and hides split ends
Because the hair grows little by little, the tips are the oldest part of the threads and consequently those that have been exposed to aggressions for longer, either by sun exposure, by the application of chemical products or by constant friction with face or clothes.

Once a point opens, there is no way to close it, but petroleum jelly can help stop its progression and even hide them so they do not show.

When you feel that the ends of the hair are very dry or at the first signs that they are opening, try applying a little Vaseline on them. This ointment does not hydrate but works like a magnet to attract water to the capillary tips from inside, which reinforces and regenerates dry threads naturally.

In addition, it creates a protective layer that protects the tips against external aggressions and even works as a lubricant to reduce damage, which helps to prevent the progression of the weakness of the tips and stop their opening.

Reduces or eliminates dandruff by dryness

Dandruff can have two causes: it can be the result of an infection or the consequence of a very dry scalp that begins to peel.

Using Vaseline for the hair in the first case will not bring benefits once this ointment has no antibacterial or antiseptic properties. However, it can help if dandruff is the result of dry skin.

Vaseline is an emollient cream that attracts water to the cells from inside the body. If you stay well hydrated and drink lots of water, its application will allow the scalp cells to recover naturally using the body’s resources.

Prevents dye stains
This is not so much a benefit of Vaseline for hair, but rather a very useful beauty trick .

Because of its occlusive function and the protective layer it creates on the skin, it prevents the dye from being absorbed by it and results in stains that are difficult to remove. You just have to apply a little Vaseline around the line of the hair and in the ears and you can avoid many messes.

How to use it
The trick to using Vaseline for hair is in the amounts, which must be very small. Its occlusive effect brings benefits, but if you use an excessive amount you can end up “suffocating” the cells. In addition, an abundance of Vaseline can soften the hair too much and weaken it in such a way that it breaks. This is valid for both the tips and the scalp.

Ideally, you use a minimum amount, more or less a walnut for the scalp and even less for the tips. The key is not in the quantity, but in the patience to massage the ointment well to promote its absorption and its fluidity so that it diffuses more easily.

Also, you should apply petroleum jelly only on washed hair to prevent the occlusive layer that creates also traps impurities that may damage the hair.

In case you use Vaseline to treat dandruff, you should let it act for a few minutes and then remove it so that it does not obstruct the cells and condition hair growth.

How to remove Vaseline from hair
Even if you use small amounts, it is not easy to remove the petroleum jelly from the hair since its greasy capacity does not allow it to soften with water and be removed naturally.

Next, we show you some tricks to achieve an effective removal. All of them should be followed by a normal wash with shampoo . You must use hot or warm water and never cold in the wash, since the cold will solidify this jelly and hinder its total removal.

Kitchen towel and dryer
Use kitchen paper to absorb excess hair grease. Always do it with soft touches and never rub to prevent it from getting damaged or weakening.

You can also use a hair dryer at a pleasant temperature during this process, to help the vaseline become more liquid and absorb easily by the towels.

Apply cornstarch on the hair areas with Vaseline with soft touches. Do not rub. Wait a few minutes so you can absorb the fat. You can apply more cornstarch as it softens and the powder disappears, to stimulate total absorption.

Baking soda with baby shampoo
Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with baby shampoo and apply to moistened hair. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse abundantly with warm water.

Shampoo for babies is less aggressive for hair than its adult versions and letting it act for so long will not bring the damage of the second.

Peanut butter
Apply generously peanut butter on the hair areas with Vaseline. Leave on for 10 minutes. After this period, carefully massage the butter for 10 more minutes.

With a brush, comb the hair several times to remove the excess as much as possible. Rinse the hair abundantly with cold water.

When you’re done, wash your hair normally with warm water and shampoo.

Mix the different techniques
If you can not remove the fat from your hair and you regret having used petroleum jelly for your hair, you can use a mixture of these different techniques to achieve a more efficient result.

For example, you can use the paper towels first to absorb the excess, then apply the cornstarch or peanut butter and finish with the mixture of baking soda and baby shampoo.

Just remember that the entire process should end with a normal wash with warm water and shampoo.

When nothing works
If you’re up to your nose and you want to solve the problem at once, you can also use dishwashing detergent, vinegar or make-up remover to remove petroleum jelly.

However, these methods are not recommended because they also remove natural fats from the hair and can damage and weaken hair, which eliminates all the benefits of using petroleum jelly for hair.

Wearing petroleum jelly can be a double-edged sword, so be very careful. In small amounts it brings benefits, but if you use it in abundance, the cons will be able to overcome the pros. Also, you have to pay close attention to their removal so you do not generate more damage than you are trying to solve.

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