Use Thıs Water Once In Week And Your Face Will Look 10 Years Younger

Use This Water Once In A Week And YOur Face Will Look 10 Years Younger

YES,you got that right! You just have to use this facial mask at least once a week and your face will be 10 years younger !  Yes,we know,iy sounds too good to be true ,right? Well,ladies ,you should know that this facial mask really works.Try it tonight

For this face mask,you will need

1 cup of water
1tbs. of honey
3 tbs. of rice 
1 tbs. of milk


First,take rice in a bowl
Add water to this
Let it boil and when it starts to boil ,put it on sim flame for 3 minutes
Let rice rice cool and strain it
Now in boiled rice add honey and warm milk
Mix all of them until you get paste like consistency
Apply this paste on your clean face and neck
Leave for 15 minutes
Wash your face with plain water

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