Overnight Scalp Serum For Faster Hair Growth

Hair growth can be affected by number of factors like stress,lack of hair care,pregnancy,hormonal changes etc.It is important to give your hair some special care to maintain its health and prevent/treat hair fall at least once or twice a week .Bellow is a repice foe overnight scalp serum for faster hair growth: 


Castor oil-Castır oil is a well-known hair growth stimulator.It nourishes follicles and gradually makes hair thicker ,longer and shinier.

Coconut oil-coconut oil nourishes hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. It reduces frizz and adds a healthy shine.

Rosemary essential oil-Rosemary oil has hair growth properties.It also helps reduce dandruff.

Things You Need

1/2 cup castor oil

1/2 cup coconot oil

10 drops rosemary essantial oil 


In a bowl ,add castor oil and coconut oil.Add in rosemary oil and mix well.Store this in a bottle and use it twice a week.To use,take a small quantity of this serum and massage on the scalp.Use a shampoo to wash it off the  next day.


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