Green Tea Face Scrub For Smooth Dirt Free Skin

Our Skin is exposed to dirt  and impurities the whole day.Most of us wash and clean out face regulary.Green Tea has enaugh nutrients to create a great face scrub that can penetrate deep inside the pores and remove the dead cells or accumulated dirt successfully.

Green Tea + Lemon Juşce + Sugar Face Scrub

How To : 

1. Take two green tea bags and steep them in a hot water kettle with its lid closed for ten to fifteen minutes.

2. Remove the green tea bags and keep aside the liqued green tea.

3. We need this liquid  and hence allow it to cool down completely at room temparature.

4.Pour two tbsp of cooled  green tea liquid in a  glass bowl and add two tbsp  of raw sugar and one tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice to it.

5. Mix all the ingredients together.

6.Take a cotton ball,dip it in the mixture and apply it on your face .

7.Massage and scrub for a few minutes gently with your fingertips.

8. Leave it for ten minutes.

9.Rinse it away with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry.

How it Works:

Green tea is an anrioxidant that seeps inside the skin and removes damage caused  by free radicals.It clears dirt and impurities from inside the pores and skin surface effectively.Lemon juice is a natural bleach with astringent properties that lightens  sin tone and clears away clogged pores. and skin surface and also retains the moisture content.Raw honey is a hydrating agent that moisturizes the skin .All the ingredients make a good scrub for the face.

Homemade recipes with a natural ingredient like green tea have proved to be a great exfoliator that removes dirt from skin smoothly and make the skin texture healthy.Prepare and apply one today itself.

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