5 Hair Colors Inspired by Crytals

Here are a few examples of crystal hair colors ,each with side -by -side descriptions of their spiritual meanings.Scrooll thorough these colors photos find you gem!

1 . Amethyst

This stone eats as a barrier against lower energies ,psychic attack,geopathic stress and unhealthy environments.Since the name ,Amethyst ,translates from greek to English and means "not drunken",it is also used as a sobriely stone.Apart from that ,the vibrant purple hair,itself feels like magic!

 2. Fluorite

Fluorite typically contains green and purple colors and is believed to be a perfect tool for boosting intuition, as well as protection from neegative energies. I recreated this fantastic natural pattern using subtle colorful highlights.

3. Ocean Jasper

The mulricolered ocean jasper crystal resonates wiht the complexity of earth an is seemingly endless layers .It increanses spiritual wisdom and patience . I used a watm blonde color,blending it into dark roots to achieve the similar coloration.

4. Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite exhibits a combination of colors inherent in Fluoriye crystals ,sucj as purple ,blue,green,clear and yellow and ,as such,it blends all the properties of each color.As a result ,we got creatively painted unicorn hair !

5. Scolecite

This lovely crystal makes people calm and relaxed,as well as helping to improve your sleep .That is why it is recommended to put Scolecite under your pillow.The cool blonde color with gray undertone never goes out of fashion ,as well as magic!


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